Why Open a Business Account with OpenAx?

  • Transfer your money faster than your traditional bank.
  • OpenAX solution is the cheapest on the market.
  • Get the wholesale rates when converting your money, no mark-ups with us.
  • OpenAX banking solution simplify how you work and adapt to your business needs.
  • Automatize how you pay your suppliers or your employees with a single-click and its free!.
  • Connect your business application to your bank, its simple, we’ll do it for you.
SEPA Instant Payments
  • Service will be available 7/7 24/24 and 365 Days
  • Money available on the account of the payee within a Maximum Processing Time of 10 seconds*
  • Credit Transfers, made in EUR, up to an initial Maximum Amount of 15.ooo EUR*
  • Cross-border payments in 34 SEPA Countries
  • Immediate Confirmation to Payer ans Payee
Multi-currency current accounts
Fast International Money Transfers.
Our multi-currency business account lets you hold, receive and exchange 24 currencies using the real inter-bank exchange rate. This means fast transfers with zero fees from us, unlike your bank!
That means you'll get:
  • Australian account number and BSB code
  • British account number and sort code
  • European IBAN
  • US account number and routing number
  • New Zealand account number
These are your personal details to get paid from the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and any country in the Eurozone, and no-one pays any fees.
Transfers are Free, no fees
No fees between users on transfers
We are the first and only one to do this!!
You wish to streamline your business activities by saving time and money? Connect today via OpenAX API
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