Why OpenAX?

  • CMS.Bank Account For Money Transfert.
  • Convert Money in more 50 currency with rate InterBank
  • Receive money in multiple devices
With OpenAx it's simple
Opening an account is simple
Unlike others, opening an account with OpenAX is easy, you can do it
Manage your account
Get your transaction reports in real time
Creates your own notifications for the operations you need and get them via mobile, email or sms
Send or receive money easily
Send or receive money worldwide
Living in an inter-connected world, you can securely send or receive money from anywhere with no fee using our App
Send request payment
Instantly send  request money from your friends with one click, or pay your bills
Planning recurrent transactions
With OpenAX you can set up recurrent transaction to pay a client or receive money from your loved ones
Transfers are Free, no fees
No fees between users on transfers
Download our App
Send and Transfer Money at your Fingertips
You can now transfer money online from your smartphone, tablet and PC track your transaction
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